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hey there my name is kc and you're watching disney channel

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Anonymous said: Advice for Senior year?


Fight a teacher. It’s your last shot.

what the fuck


hunter x hunter theme: you can smile again !



tfw ur cat comes up and starts randomly head butting u



Anonymous said: my issue w/ posts like "buy me pizza/touch my butt" is that they glorify a typical healthy relationship between allosexual couples. that kind of stuff shouldn't be the be-all, end-all of romance... it's relationship 101. I see commentary like "THIS IS ALL I WANT FROM A BOYFRIEND" and like. boyfriends need to be set at way higher standards lmao. it's like praising a man for saying women should be treated equally. that stuff should be mandatory, not part of an ideal fantasy

i think i should probably clarify first that this is the particular post that i was talking about originally (which the one that op had wrote is really harmless) and there’s nothing sexual about it, actually there’s pretty much nothing wrong with it besides the rude response which i think was highly unnecessary and it was those type of posts that i am actually referring to

okay anyway back to answering this

i dont really see the problem with glorifying (?) a healthy relationship since that’s something that anyone who desires a relationship would want and well since i am asexual i do have a different opinion towards posts that are very sexual mostly because it’s very difficult for me to connect for them (and i also dont see the appeal, but i am not one to judge what others may enjoy)

and i wasnt talking about people’s ideal relationships or having low standards for boyfriends i was just wondering why its so bad to try to imagine having a nice date at home with your significant or heck maybe even your friends as well and how it’s even considered “having low standards” since nowadays people cant afford to go out or maybe theyre much too anxious to somewhere on a date

so just overall i was tired of mostly people’s bitter and rude attitudes towards people wanting to have just casual dates or just staying at home with their significant other because it’s no one’s business how you wanna spend your own times with someone


old school mysteries are the best